The Grieving Mother

Please know you’re not alone on the child loss journey. My son Kulten ran ahead on April 21st, 2021 and it has forever changed my life. Please reach out for information on connecting to other moms on the journey, as a resource for others or yourself to help someone on the journey.

Melissa Sargent
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Annual Retreat

The grieving mother retreat came about as I had attended two other retreats and had a lot of takeaways but they felt more like conferences with a ton of resources, and speakers and were biblical-based. I am more of a giver, doer, hands-on, mover, and shaker. With my son’s first anniversary of his service, I knew I had to do something that would help me not fall into a deep hole.

Each retreat is filled with things we moms have wanted to do, but don’t make time to do for ourselves as the child loss journey takes a lot from our mind, body, heart, and soul daily to just function. We do archery, break room, painting party, jewelry making classes, massages, get a full pampering that includes mani, hair, makeup and a photoshoot, bonfire talks, scream therapy, yoga, journal making, mediations, other meaningful arts and crafts while sharing our child that ran ahead but also our surviving children, daily life all while with other mom’s who are on this child loss journey. 

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Attending Melissa’s grieving mother’s retreat was something I didn’t want to do, my daughter passed many years ago and I had dealt with that mostly alone and was finally in a better place. I didn’t think I would gain anything from this, but maybe I could share that there is hope for healing. I absolutely love Melissa and her family and I knew the raw emotion they were feeling. Boy was I wrong. Being with these fabulous women who were all in different stages of this journey was so strengthening, it healed parts of me that I didn’t know were still hurting, and it was so freeing to talk about my daughter without feeling guilty about “looking for attention.” (I know this is only in my head) and crying openly instead of alone in the shower. Grief is so much lighter if we allow ourselves to share it. I will forever be grateful for Melissa’s extra push and for making me feel like I would make a difference to someone else, I don’t think she knows how much of a difference it made to my soul.

Brandy S

I was gifted the retreat by a mom from Umbrella Ministries who couldn’t make it. It was wonderful to get out in nature, sleep in an RV, and not worry about dressing up or putting on makeup. It was special meeting Melissa and seeing the amazing work she does with her non-profit organization, Heart and Hooves Therapy. She is such a giving person. She reached out to all of us grieving Mother’s in her pain after her precious son Kulten passed. Melissa goes all out to make sure we are comfortable, well-fed, and treated to all sorts of activities. Interacting with her miniature horses and goats was so relaxing and special.

We got to try new things like archery, Refitt Dance, yoga, crafts, and the 2nd time we got glammed up and did a photo shoot. We get to share our stories with no judgment.

We get to share how we are feeling and our feelings about the loss of our precious children and we realize we are not alone. We got to see how this affects our marriage, other children, and friendships. No one can understand our pain like another parent who has experienced it too. I will keep coming back year after year and encouraging other moms to come along.

Chriselda R

In 2019, as I sought solace after Horacio’s passing, I came across an invitation to a weekend retreat for moms who had lost a child. Not knowing what to expect, I decided to join, and it turned out to be the best decision ever!

The hostess organized a fantastic weekend with activities where I not only shared my story but also connected with incredible women going through similar experiences. The retreat provided a secure space for discussing my son, my grief, and, most importantly, I formed enduring friendships with empathetic and non-judgmental women.

To this day, they remain an integral part of my life, offering unwavering support and love as I navigate the journey of life after the loss of Horacio.

Marisa S

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