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Abigail has benefited by learning routine which helps her with self discipline, following directions, and staying on task. She learns that the animals require a great deal of training and work to be able to enjoy them. She learns that you have to listen, to follow certain rules for safety, and that if you fall down you can take a minute, then get back up again. If you get scared, or frustrated, you can use your words to express in the right way and ask for help when you need it. Abby loves going there so it has worked as a healthy incentive for her to stay on target with our goals during the week.
Jessica S

Great organization. My children had a blast and learned so much about caring for the mini horses, chickens and even got to pet a pig. If you’re looking for an activity for your children, I encourage you to book a session. Can’t wait to go back for another visit.
Tiffany G

Hearts and hooves came to our preschool and did a demonstration on Friday and the kids absolutely loved it. It was nice to see the kids be so interested in learning about the horses and the different parts of the horses. Melissa and her crew did an awesome job with small groups being hands on with the mini horses answering all the questions the children had. We can’t wait for our next visit! thanks hearts and hugs!!
Jessica M

Heart and Hooves Therapy is one of the most unique and universally touching pet therapies I’ve ever encountered.

I’ve seen Melissa and Tori in action for many months and I enjoy every visit. Melissa has unbelievable patience and kindness for both her animals and her clients. I highly recommend her!
Bridie M

You offer such a wonderful program Melissa! So glad Ramona Food and Clothes Closet could be a part of your growth!
Vesna C

Ramona Food and Clothes Closet

Amazing program! My son Layne had the best time at pony play time this morning! Melissa was absolutely wonderful! We learned so much about the pony, safety, and she even included fun games with counting and shapes! I would recommend this to anyone !! Can’t wait to go back.
Theresa R

Absolutely! Had a great time. Despite the shyness, my 2.5 year old, had a great time (and I did too) and has been telling his dad about it ever since we got home.
Faith K

Connor, my 3 year old, had so much fun today with Tori and his fresh eggs. He wouldn’t let go of them on our drive home.
Natalia T

We had an AMAZING time learning how to take care of the animals. Mason was so happy to interact with Tori and Chips, and the chickens. Melissa you were so good with my kids, and we would love to plan to visit Hearts and Hooves Therapy again. Thank you so much, great experience.
Krystal O

My boys, 3 years and almost 5 years, enjoyed their time taking care of the mini horses at Heart and Hooves. Melissa was patient and informative, helping them to learn about horse care. Highly recommended for any kids that express interest in horses.

Over the past year, Heart and Hooves Therapy has been visiting the residents of our facility approximately every other month. Their visit is always the highlight of the month for our residents. The miniature horses are extremely gentle and well behaved. Petting and visiting with the horses always brings a smile to the faces of our residents. We look forward to continuing to receive visits from Hearts and Hooves Therapy. Their visits absolutely have a positive effect on the residents as well as the staff of our facility.
Jeff L

Activities Coordinator

This place is awesome For both kids and ponies.Keep up the great work.
Cheryl C

Thank-you! Eleanor, my three year old, had a blast!
Trisha A

We had a great time with this organization. The horse handler was very professional and very experienced. The horses were gentle and well trained.
Vanessa H

Thanks for letting us say hi to Tori today! We had fun!!
Deanna W

We did a session with my four year old and it was amazing. We are definitely going back. It was kind of incredible to stand back and watch Melissa teach him these things, and to be able to practice horse care on a horse just the right size for him is so cool!! He has asked me several times since then when he is going back for his next session!
Nathalie A

My four year old had a great time Melissa. She told her sisters and Daddy all about it last night. She thinks she’s a real horse trainer now. Lol!
Denise D

Melissa, I wanted to send a note on behalf of Sara and Tori to say how amazing yesterday was for them. It was a beautiful experience to have Tori be able to touch, feel and love Tori the Therapy Horse 🙂 They can’t wait to visit again! Thank you for creating this heartwarming business that can do so much good.
Jennifer N

Thanks so much Melissa. It was an absolute joy having you here. Mom has progressed to the point where she is not as interactive so I was excited to she her participating.
Susan S

We had such a great experience at Heart and Hooves! My daughter is very shy initially, but she really enjoys working with the horses and I’m hoping that this experience will help ‘bring her out of her shell’. Melissa was amazing and extremely patient and knowledgeable. Working one on one with the mini horses was an incredible opportunity and my daughter really learned a lot about the anatomy and care of horses.
Amber T

Just took my two-and-a-half year old to her first “lesson” with Melissa and her amazing mini-horses, and we will definitely be back! It was a great intro for her into the world of horses. Melissa let my daughter set the pace, so although she was apprehensive at first, she gained so much confidence by the time we left. I loved that the session was jam-packed with learning opportunities — we talked about colors, shapes, and directions and we learned the names of all the tack and parts of the horse. Overall a great experience and we look forward to our next visit! Thanks, Melissa!
Alex H

It was a great learning experience for my two year old and me. Also teaches patience and respect for the animals. So much fun!
Allison M

The girls, aged three and five, loved their pony play time! Thank Melissa!!
Traci M

Melissa and her team are compassionate, sensitive professionals. They are awesome in helping our hospice families, bringing smiles to many faces and love to every heart. Thank you Heart and Hooves friends.
Fran B.

Interim Healthcare, A Gift of Hospice

We were at Heart and Hooves on Saturday for the first time! All I can say is AMAZING!!! My 6 year old daughter with DS had a great time. Melissa was wonderful with her! We’ve already scheduled another session!
Jeri K.

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