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Rady Children Hospital 18
Escondido post acute care
on-site session 2018
Millie and Melissa 2019
Tori at radys with Calb 2018
Nancy and Encore Casa 2018
Veteran's walk 2019
Chance and Tori hospice gift of hospice3152017
Tori library reading book 2017
Ramona library 52016
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Nancy and scarlette Library 2017
Adult down sydromeUCSD visit317
On-site group session 2018
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Hospice Stephanie and tori 2016
Stacey and Chips
ramona senior center 2016
Nacho and Jonathon
Laura's mom and tori2016
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Chips painted 2016
Off site Hopice 2015
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FDR construction
Dos picos park rose senior2016
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Kim, Missy, Tori 2016
Chips and Tori

Heart and Hooves 


A 501(c)3 public charity non profit enhancing the lives of children and adults, any age and ability with a different kind of therapy! 

Animal therapy can strengthen human resilience through times of crisis, persistent adversity, and disruptive transitions, such as relocation, divorce, widowhood, and adoption. Animals can provide, especially in troubled times great comfort and joy. Studies have shown the value of the human-animal bond in child development, elderly care, mental illness, physical impairments, and the rehabilitation of incarcerated youth and adults. 

We are an all volunteer organization and can't continue to serve our community without your support.
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