On-SIte Sessions

Sibling sessions are geared toward foster children who have siblings who are not placed in the same foster home. As well as children in split homes and recently adopted with bio children. We offer a fun, safe, and educational visit that helps build the bond between siblings despite living apart or becoming a new family. They can come for a visit on-site in Ramona and learn about mini horses and farm animals while building a relationship with their siblings and making childhood memories.

Pony Playtime is open to any age and ability children 2 years to 100+ years old. Each session will be 45-60 mins of one-on-one time with a mini horse for $50. It will include basic horse safety, learning basic body parts, grooming, foot care, and educational learning based on the child’s age! We implement games to help with the educational aspect which also teaches the children confidence, courage, and respect.

Off-SIte Sessions

These visits are for everyone throughout San Diego County. Off site visits offer a one-of-a-kind experience for our patients and their families. We provide one mini horse and handler to come and visit as well as help lift spirits and bring joy to those who can benefit most from our visits. We also educate our patients during our visits on basic horse care, safety, and more.  

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