1 Fur 1 Foundation has been involved with Heart and Hooves Therapy since November 2015. Our first grant was to help 2 families that have sons that suffer from autism. Ezra and Gavin's journey with AAT using mini horses and other farm animals has been amazing to watch. We have been blessed with continued support from 1 Fur 1 Foundation and to date are on our 4th grant to support both boys session's as well as they sponsor off-site visits to Rady Children Hospital, Grossmount convalescent hospital, St.Madeline Sophia Center and Autism Tree Project Foundation workshops at HHT ranch.

#FactsAboutAutism to keep up to date on all the facts! 

A Gift of Hospice has partnered with Heart and Hooves Therapy since  October 2015 to provide their patients and family with mini horse visits! We know how special this company is as they cared for my dad during his end of life battle. So blessed to work with them all!